The lonely and haunted journey of Poly, the plastic bag

Format: video, social media posts, game at events, press release: Video:

Plastic bags are a big problem for haulers we’re working with because they get tangled up in the material recovery facilities’ machinery, which stops operations for several hours a day. They’re also harmful to the environment, the animals and ourselves; over time, they break down into small- er, more toxic petro-polymers that end up in the food chain. For everyone’s sake, people need to stop using plastic bags. Plastic bags can be recycled at grocery stores; but it’s best to simply replace them with reusable bags.

To touch people’s hearts, we decided to humanize the plastic bag. The life journey of a plastic bag is comparable to one of an orphan looking for a forever home. Because of the sadness and haunting aspects of the story, we decided to launch this campaign around Halloween. The animation tracks Poly, a polyethylene (plastic) bag in search of a home, educating viewers about the haunted and hazardous life cycle of a plastic bag. While the video is the main part of the campaign, we also created educational social media posts and a game that helps Poly find his way home (the grocery store plastic bag return bin).

– A substantial increase in press coverage, even appearing internationally.
– People loved Poly so he continued to appear in other campaigns.
– The Poly video was our most viewed outreach video in 2018.