Green City Success Stories

We have the pleasure to work with very diverse cities each with different challenges or goals. From Florida to Virginia, each city has unique environmental success stories. The cities have implemented a variety of programs, such as games, carton collection challenges, and co-mingled curbside recycling. Regardless of what the event may be, these environmental success stories have led to positive changes for many people!

It goes without saying that recycling is very important. That’s especially the case in wealthy urban areas, where municipal solid waste is most prevalent. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. recycles sixty-six million tons of material each year. Unfortunately, 91% of plastic isn’t recycled, and scientists estimate there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050. The bottom line is this: proper recycling is critical for a healthy ecosystem. That’s why we partner with cities to take steps toward sustainability.

Going green yields green success stories, and any progress is something to be proud of.  These stories highlight the reasons why going green is a good thing. Green success stories often take time to surface, but they represent examples of making the world a better place. They also provide a benchmark for future recycling.