Recycling Perks

Behavior changes happen in reaction to self-interest. One of the best ways of affecting behavior is through the use of an incentive program. We firmly believe that we have THE BEST recycling rewards program available anywhere. Recycling Perks improves household recycling participation while promoting a “shop local” mentality. 

Here’s how it works: 

  • Members get points every time their curbside recycling gets picked up
  • Points can be redeemed for rewards (freebies or discounts) at great local and/or environmental businesses we partner with 
  • Businesses get free promotion and new customers
  • Members get targeted educational content, expert tips, interactive quizzes and more through highly effective, diverse communication channels (in person, at local events, on social media, via newsletters, etc.)
  • Our recycling incentives make sustainability fun! 


Oh! And your city wins as well because more revenue and tax dollars stay within your community. This is a TRUE win for everyone involved.


Wondering how much work it is to put a Recycling Perks program in place?

It couldn’t be easier! You give us your hauler’s phone number and your city’s logo, and our talented creatives prepare everything for you to review and approve.

Local program representative: VERDE will hire a dedicated staff member, residing in your city, to facilitate the implementation and execution of education, outreach, and related efforts and to maintain clear and open communication with you and other stakeholders.  

Points: We will develop a data feed between the Recycling Perks platform and your hauler’s system to allow for automated pick-up information transfer for Recycling Perks users’ accounts to be credited for their pick-ups. The process is fully automated and we work with your hauler to ensure the very best quality and service available. 

Launch: Our Green Media team will create a multi-channel launch plan (from webpage to program flyers and everything in between). All you will need to do is review and approve the materials. We will continue to work with you after launch to further promote the program, ensuring that future campaigns/promotions are created with your city’s changing needs in mind, thereby maximizing success. 


Are you ready?