Recycling Perks

Behavior changes happen in reaction to self-interest. One of the best ways of affecting behavior is through the use of an incentive program. We firmly believe that we have THE BEST recycling rewards program available anywhere. VERDE’s flagship program, Recycling Perks, is THE program that truly incentivizes recycling. Recycling Perks improves household recycling participation while promoting a “shop local” mentality.

Our recycling rewards program actively promotes local businesses who become our valued reward partners. Businesses offer a great reward (discount or freebie) to local recyclers, and we promote that reward to our growing list of Recycling Perks members. Local recyclers (members) earn points for recycling curbside and can use these points to get the rewards that are being offered by great local businesses that they know and love. It’s easier to get into the habit of recycling when you have even more recycling incentives. Our recycling incentives make sustainability fun!

Oh! And the cities win as well because more revenue stays within the community (and more tax dollars as well). This is a TRUE win for everyone involved.