Environmental Education Services

Our services are customizable. Simply select a target audience, a goal, and a preferred channel. We will create a program for your residents. VERDE will help you create the ultimate green city!


Green Data

Who can manage a program without data? Data is an integral part of many programs. It’s hard to decide what to do next when you don’t know where you currently stand. Our VERDE experts work with your current data capturing technology to provide relevant, timely, and accurate maps, charts, reports, and graphs that allow you to strategically plan your next moves to maximize success. Statistics and data help cities better understand how to achieve their goals.

But what if your city doesn’t employ data capturing technology (GPS, RFID, etc.)? No problem! We can still help you understand where your city currently stands and create a roadmap to get you where you need to be. We are data experts who understand the complexities of technology and how best to use it to reach your goals. Read More

Green Media

Does your city need targeted outreach campaigns, PSA videos, radio advertising, billboards, recycle signs, digital games, recycling or environmental advertising, or printed materials to educate residents?

VERDE’s environmental education services put green education into action. We create engaging and educational content that cities are proud of. Our advertising and design professionals create engaging cross-media campaigns, materials, and websites that achieve results on all levels. Ask us about our “blue Santa” campaign. Everything that our talented creative team produces is targeted, specific, engaging, and impactful, with great attention to detail.

We are results-oriented—just like the cities that rely on us.  Read more

Green Team

VERDE employs dedicated “boots on the ground” in the cities we partner with. They coordinate local programs, conduct city-specific green education events, and participate in local events.  Their training is based on best practices established from previous projects in other cities. These passionate individuals provide environmental community outreach and become the local “face” of your program.

Our Green Team does the heavy lifting, freeing up City staff for other essential duties. That’s just one way our environmental education services stand out from the pack.  Read more

Green Community

Do you need an involved community that learns and works together to make the city greener? Maybe you need to start an outreach program or are making changes to an existing program. A green community is the product of green education at the grassroots level. Our dedicated creatives and educators will design community programs such as local events for residents and businesses, school recycling programs, municipal education programs, environmental games, green contests, and more.

The community and education programs that we create are designed for targeted outreach to specific segments of your city’s population, but also have a broad impact on the community as a whole. Communities work better when everyone works together, feels involved and is engaged.

VERDE designs programs that can be internally managed, or you can call on our dedicated staff to do the “heavy lifting”. We’re here to help! We engage. We educate. We are a part of YOUR community. Read more

Recycling Perks

Behavior changes happen in reaction to self-interest. Our flagship program, Recycling Perks, is the recycling incentive program that promotes participation in curbside recycling. VERDE’s Recycling Perks program helps improve household recycling efforts while promoting local businesses by offering great savings and exclusive deals that reward recyclers. Residents are encouraged to shop locally and are rewarded for their recycling efforts. It’s a win for businesses, a win for residents, and a win for the environment. Read more