Green Team

The Green Team is VERDE’s own boots on the ground. They are dedicated individuals who have been hand-picked for their positions. They are local market representatives who are engaged with your community on a regular basis. They coordinate local programs, conduct city-specific green education initiatives, and participate in local events. These individuals may have been part of local environmental groups or even larger organizations such as UNICEF, but they are all bound together by a common thread: they are leaders.

They live in your city and are a huge part of what makes our company unique. They are local residents who know your city, and they get to know you by attending regularly scheduled meetings, always keeping you informed and up-to-date on what VERDE is accomplishing in YOUR city. They are environmental ambassadors for sustainability, resident experts for local recycling education and outreach, and the “face” of recycling in your city.

We are national yet operate similarly to local environmental groups. Learn about how our environmental ambassadors can make a difference in your community.