Recycling Data Collection

Who can manage a program without data? It seems like almost every aspect of our lives involves data. Cities use it in various ways. It's at the heart of every decision cities make about what to do next. We use it to understand trends, track program effectiveness, monitor goals, and so much more. It can be difficult to decide what to do next when you don’t know where your city currently stands. Data gives you needed insight so that your next moves will be strategic, measured, and effective. Our environmental data resources show the greening of your city as it occurs, setting your city up for sustainability success.

Recycling data is a big part of tracking environmental data. It comes in many forms, but one of the most important forms comes from GPS and RFID data capturing technology. Our experts work with your current data technology provider to seamlessly integrate API feeds that allow VERDE’s experts to create relevant, timely, and accurate maps, charts, reports, and graphs that allow you to strategically plan your next moves to maximize success. Having expertly prepared analyses and statistics readily available enables cities to have more control over their processes thereby leading to better results. That’s why we make sure our recycling data accounts for every variable. Our meticulous experts take raw data and transform it into easy to understand, customized reporting and tracking metrics that cities and haulers can use every day. We make complex systems make common sense.

But what if your city or company doesn’t employ data capturing technology? Not everyone uses RFID or GPS tracking or wants to. Can VERDE still help? YES! We have other ways of determining the best way to reach your residents or customers. Every municipality or hauler is unique, and so are their needs. We’ll help you understand where you currently stand and help you get where you need to go.

Green education is an important start to creating a green community, and a sound environmental data resource gets the wheels rolling.