Green Community Projects

A green community that learns together guarantees team chemistry. Maybe you’d like to start a recycling program or are making changes to an existing program. Our creatives and educators will design community programs such as local events for residents, neighborhoods and businesses, school recycling programs, municipal education programs, recycling games, recycling contests, and more.

Green Community ambassadors can have a direct, sustainable impact within your city! The team can implement our education programs that are designed to target specific segments of your city’s population while also impacting the community as a whole. Communities work better when everyone works together and feels involved and engaged. This cohesion enables sustainable community development.

Cities have the option to either internally manage VERDE designed programs or call on our team for implementation.  We put “boots on the ground” where you need them. And, they’re local residents who have a sincere desire to create sustainable community development in your city.

Cities trust us to manage their Keep America Beautiful campaigns, school outreach, and more. Many cities already have cadres of volunteers who are dedicated and reliable, but many do not. If your city truly desires to affect change on the local level, there is no better way than through activating your own team of Green Community ambassadors and sustainability gurus.