City of Richmond, Virginia

The City of Richmond is not only the capital of Virginia but it's the center of the Richmond Metropolitan Statistical Area. And for good reason! Richmond has something for each of its residents and for its visitors! The Richmond area is a great supporter of the Recycling Perks rewards program. With over 250 local businesses participating in the program local residents have a huge selection of rewards available to them.

The Green Team is an active part of the Richmond area. They attend events, engage local businesses, and give presentations to schools and local groups. Locals see us as the face of recycling in Richmond. And the City trusts us to educate residents and encourage them to recycle more, encouraging residents throughout the area to create a more sustainable environment.

VERDE’s full complement of services is a part of the City’s robust recycling education and outreach effort. We utilize Green Media to create media campaigns that impact the way residents recycle at home and beyond. Our Green Community is employed to design and create materials that are used to educate residents, schools, and more. Data is a core component of our services for the City.