City of Norfolk, Virginia

With a myriad of waterways, lush trees, and abundant marshlands and wetlands to protect, Norfolk has made it a priority to be cleaner and greener. This City is doing things the smart way. They chose to have us manage their Keep Norfolk Beautiful program, along with offering the Recycling Perks rewards program to area residents.

Norfolk is central to Hampton Roads and is home to many great attractions that keep residents occupied as they practice recycling and being green. In 2017 Keep Norfolk Beautiful, Recycling Perks, and TFC Recycling partnered together for their very first Carton Collection Challenge. The City-wide challenge was for Norfolk Public School 3rd grade classrooms to collect the most cartons and Recycling Perks sign-ups. This fun challenge was designed to be easily integrated into the 3rd grade math SOL with percentages and charts, while encouraging classrooms to work together. It was a success, and everyone had lots of fun learning about recycling in the process.

The City of Norfolk continues to work with  VERDE through the Recycling Perks rewards program and the Green Team. We’re also proud to work with this beautiful City in their Keep Norfolk Beautiful program. One of the truly unique things about VERDE is that we are able to take on tasks and programs that a city might not have the time or resources to handle. Norfolk is a beautiful city and we’re proud to be a part of this city’s sustainability success.

VERDE’s full complement of services is a part of the City’s robust recycling education and outreach effort. We utilize Green Media to create media campaigns using all channels possible (up to flying advertising) that impact the way residents recycle at home and beyond. Our Green Community is employed to design and create materials that are used to educate residents, schools, and more. Green Data is a core component of our services for the City. We use the City’s raw data to create reports that clearly illustrate the “greening” of the City on ArcGIS maps