City of Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater is located in Pinellas County, Florida, west of Tampa and northwest of St. Petersburg. Recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, the city of Clearwater is noted for the most days of sunshine (361 days) in a year. Since January 11, 2016, residents have been getting rewards for recycling. They are a part of the Recycling Perks family of cities that we have the privilege of serving. The introduction of Recycling Perks was part of the city’s overall sustainability goal to reduce landfill space and recycle more. With this program, the City hopes to further encourage residents to recycle every day. 

VERDE works with the City through the Recycling Perks rewards program to engage residents to recycle. We also partner with local businesses to provide rewards to residents who recycle. Local businesses love us because we help potential customers find them and the rewards that they offer to loyal recyclers. This wonderful City is always seeking new ways in which it can be responsive to the needs of its residents and businesses alike. We’re proud to be a part of what makes Clearwater GREAT!

VERDE’s full complement of services is a part of the City’s robust recycling education and outreach effort. We utilize Green Media to create media campaigns that impact the way residents recycle at home and beyond. Our Green Community is employed to design and create materials that are used to educate residents, schools, and more. The Green Team is actively involved in the community and encourages residents to recycle more and recycle correctly as they encounter residents at events, meeting, and in their everyday lives. They also work closely with local businesses who are our trusted reward partners. Green Data is a core component of our services for the City. We use the City’s raw data to create reports that clearly illustrate the “greening” of the City.