City of Chesapeake, Virginia

Chesapeake has beautiful waterways such as the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway that residents work to keep clean and enjoyable for everyone! From Food Truck Hump Days to Bark in the Park, Chesapeake residents have it all—including co-mingled curbside recycling!

The City holds a quarterly Chesapeake Recycles Day where residents can responsibly dispose of electronics, household hazardous materials, and other items. Chesapeake residents are keeping it green! With over 65,000 households eligible for a recycling cart in Chesapeake, there is a tremendous potential to impact the lives of local residents and the planet as a whole. Small changes can have a huge impact over time.  

VERDE’s full complement of services is a part of the City’s robust recycling education and outreach effort. We utilize Green Media to create media campaigns that impact the way residents recycle at home and beyond. Our Green Community is employed to design and create materials that are used to educate residents at events and offline. The Green Team works closely with local businesses who are our trusted reward partners. Green Data is a core component of our services for the City. We use the City’s raw data to create reports that clearly illustrate the “greening” of the City. VERDE’s Recycling Perks rewards program has become a staple of the Chesapeake area. Residents use the program to get great discounts from local businesses they know and trust.