Case Study

We’re happy to share with you all the work that we have done at VERDE since we started. You will find some rich and powerful campaign and we hope to let you no doubt to work with us soon.
Not sure yet? Actions tell more than words! Enjoy!

2018-2019 Marketing Campaign

6Rs Campaign

Yes, we have to act to fight climate change and we need to do more than recycling. This campaign empowers our audience and is still so far our most successful campaign.

Poly the plastic bag

Once upon a time, a plastic bag was loved by a family. Our creativity found a simple but efficient to show the life cycle of a plastic bag. Our youngest crowd loves it!

12Whoa! Campaign

12Whoa! it’s powerful to get rid of plastic bag. What do you think? You want to know more… You’re one click away to reach our secret and creativity on this campaign.

Discover our success

Green team, yes we’re a team dedicated to our value which is to educate people to live better with mother nature. Why us? because it’s our expertise.