About us

VERDE originally started out as Recycling Perks LLC in 2011 as a partnership with TFC Recycling. It was intended to be a vehicle that would provide recycling incentives to current and future residential recycling customers. Recycling Perks started enhancing the recycling experience and changing environmental behaviors.

In 2018, Recycling Perks added new services under the new brand, VERDE. We saw the need for cities to have more control over the services that they use to enhance their environmental programs. A city might not need data, or have the technology to record data, but would still need recycling and environmental education, outreach, or media. This rebranding allows VERDE to provide only the services that a city needs, thereby saving them money while helping them achieve their goals.

We now provide the ultimate tools cities and haulers need to become greener. Our forward-thinking team of professionals works with community and sustainability leaders to encourage green habits and recycling participation, decrease contamination and landfill waste, and tackle other problems by providing them with customized programs to meet their unique needs. This may include environmental outreach, media, incentives, targeted data, and more to address specific needs.

VERDE serves over 1,185,000 residents in the South and Eastern areas of the United States. Each partnership is unique, just like every problem is unique, and we take pride in our ability to work with organizations, hauling companies, technology providers, and municipal authorities of all sizes. It’s the opposite of a cookie cutter approach. Whether you need a school program, a recycling incentive program, mapping, or environmental education and outreach, our institutional knowledge allows VERDE to provide one-of-a-kind service.

Our team of perseverant and passionate professionals is located where our partners need us. From marketing/design to data and customer service, we have all the skills needed in-house to help you create the best recycling and environmental programs for your city/company needs!