1 2 Whoa! Steps to outgrow single-use bags

Format: Video, Social Media posts, Presentations at events Campaign URL: https://recyclingperks.com/blog/whoa/ 

We’ve been incentivizing recycling and educating residents about recycling best practices and living green for years. The foundation of successful marketing is anticipating the changing needs of our partners and their audience. Our programs are meant to evolve in response to changes in the waste industry. Over the past two years, we have shifted our educational focus from recycling to sustainability. Surveys are a large part of how we gauge educational needs. 

This campaign was born from over 1,700 responses to a survey addressing residents’ challenges of no longer using single-use bags. Thirty-seven percent said they just forget their reusable bags and 47% use them for reasons of convenience. So, we developed a campaign to address those issues. 1, 2, Whoa!’s goal is to prepare the resident to reduce their dependence on single-use bags, thereby lessening the amount that enters our waste stream as well as the undue stress they place on haulers and processors who deal with contaminants every day. 

The 1, 2, Whoa! campaign is educating residents about making the transition from single-use bags to reusables and encouraging them to take the next step. We are addressing this intimidat- ing transition with humor and easy to metabolize tips. The campaign uses a combination of emo- tional appeal and customer compliments based on the behavior described in the survey to help the audience identify with the story. Following the steps to Whoa! appeals to the residents’ need to feel acceptance and receive compliments for their efforts. It includes a series of videos, social media outreach, info graphs, educational articles and more. 

The survey has been open for about ten days and the following results might change slightly by the end of the survey: – 40.9% said they’ve read our articles and 12.9% said they’ve read a few sentences of our articles. – 41.8% said the campaign inspired them to use reusable bags more often. – 41.4% claim the campaign helps them remember to bring their reusable bags. – 44.7% claim they would show or have shown the 1, 2, Whoa! videos to their friends to help them remember to bring their reusable bags. – Before the campaign, 37.3% said they know what microplastics are. After the campaign, 59.4% said they know.