Welcome to VERDE Outreach

VERDE works with communities of all sizes to make them greener. Our programs are designed to provide flexibility and value that can be designed for the short or long term. We are your partner in affecting change that leads to lasting, impactful results.

Green Team

VERDE employs dedicated “boots on the ground” in the cities we partner with. Their training is based on best practices established from previous projects in other cities. Eco-education and recycling education are crucial, which is why we work across the country to help cities kickstart their green programs. We do the heavy lifting!

Green Media

No ad agency is as knowledgeable about how to impact residential behavior. VERDE leads the way in educating your residents. We are results-oriented—just like the cities that rely on us. Whether it is recycling education or eco-education, we are your premier destination for making a green impact. We are the environmental awareness organization you need.


Green Community

Our community and education programs are designed for targeted outreach to specific segments of your population. We engage. We are part of your community. We are not just an ordinary environmental awareness organization: we go above and beyond to help everyone find their fit.



Green Data

Who can manage a program without data? Data is the raw material that allows VERDE to create reports, charts, and graphs to strategically plan your next moves to maximize success.




Recycling Perks

VERDE was built around the platform of Recycling Perks. We promote change by incentivizing recycling—and it works! Residents get rewards for recycling, local businesses generate more revenue when recyclers shop locally, and cities receive more tax revenue. WIN, WIN, WIN! READ MORE

Our Success Stories

What Our Customers are Saying

"After two years of contract services, which we recently renewed for another two years, the City's interest in increasing recycling participation, local partnerships, and charitable contributions have been diligently managed by our knowledgeable team, often beyond the planned goals. In two years, our curbside recycling rate has increased by 30%."